Mary and Elizabeth has many areas where we would be so grateful for volunteers. We especially could use assistance from those gifted with administration, hospitality, creativity, and intercessory charisms! The gift of your person will help us create a culture where every woman can give her Fiat and proclaim her Magnificat.

We encourage you to pray into partnering with us in mission either through becoming an online volunteer or in-person.

Healing the Whole Person Day-Of Help

The Healing the Whole Person takes a group of 20-30 people to make happen. We need people who could serve in intercessory prayer, registration, hospitality, and logistics. Ten amazing people have already volunteered to spear head these teams, but now we are looking for those called to join the effort on the ground for the weekend, September 7-9 of 2023. If this sounds like something you would like to serve Memphis in, let us know and we can get you plugged in to the effort!

Outreach and Mission

Our three outreaches could use your help to spread the word and moderate. One way to partner with us is to invite our directors to speak to your small-group or women’s group either in person or online. This assists us in spreading the word about the services Mary and Elizabeth has the potential to offer women.

Our in-person outreaches (Hannah’s Gift and Anna’s Army) are assembling a groups of volunteers to be trained to serve in facilitation and assisting in administration of these programs for young women discerning (Hannah’s) and widows (Anna’s).

Our online outreach (Lilies) is assembling a group of volunteers to assist in facilitation, backend content management, and moderation of the online community. Let us know if this is something you are interested in!

Sponsor Taco Tuesday for Young Women

Every Tuesday we welcome women college and post-college to join us at the Mary and Elizabeth House for prayer, community, and gratis tacos! This is a great service opportunity to feed the hungry (Matthew 25:37-40) and invest in the future of the Church. Many of these women are in need of community and accompaniment from the broader Church in order to persevere in their faith amidst the chaos of this season of their life and the culture they live in. This is a great service project for a small-group or family wanting to partner with us.

Mary and Elizabeth House Volunteers 

In the Summer of 2022 we were given the great gift of a house and office for the work of Mary and Elizabeth, and it became known as the Mary and Elizabeth House of Prayer and Formation. It is a 170 year old carriage house c. 1846, the oldest structure in its neighbourhood. It has a room and office upstairs and a room downstairs, as well as communal space for activities and apostolate.

It is in a great location near the University of Memphis in East Memphis and ten feet from the St. Joseph House, a space Vistatio Missionaries also occupy for prayer and apostolate. 

It is our hope that this house can be a space where many women can feel welcomed and receive direct, spiritual care and accompaniment. We hope they can encounter a beautiful space and culture where they can be inspired to give their Fiat and proclaim their Magnificat.

The home has a yard and some maintenance needs. We could always use a helping hand from someone with the gifts of St. Joseph! 

If you are a DIY-er, handy-man or handy-woman, have a green thumb, or know someone who does, our missionaries would love to hear from you and have your assistance. Below are our current needs: 

  • Assistance with establishing a French Drain
  • Assistance with installation of Gutters
  • Assistance with Painting the Exterior
  • Assistance with putting in dirt and leveling the ground that connects Mary and Elizabeth with St. Joseph House
  • Assistance removing and redirecting a fence

Your “yes” Creates a Space for Women to Be Served Well

Come journey with us toward the lord.