Vocations Committee for Female Vocations in the Diocese of Memphis

Mary and Elizabeth invited individuals with a passion for promoting female vocations to a gathering to explain the renewed effort the Diocese of Memphis would have with the help of Mary and Elizabeth to promote female vocations.

A group gathered at St. Anne Catholic Church on Highland and via zoom on the eve of Pentecost to understand the reason why this effort was so important and to receive the scope of the effort the Diocese and M&E will make in 2024-2025 to bring awareness, encounter, and accompaniment to women who might consider consecrated life.

Many came to the meeting via zoom, and we for those who could not make it we have recorded it.



Committee for Promoting Female Vocations Agenda

Diocese of Memphis + Mary and Elizabeth

Cast the Vision Event

Saturday, May 18, 2024



Leader: Come Holy Spirit

All: Fill the Hearts of the Faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love. 

Leader: Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. 

All: And You shall renew the face of the earth.

Leader: O God, by the light of Your Spirit you have taught the hearts of your faithful. In the Same Spirit, help us to know what is truly right and always to rejoice in your consolation. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. 

All: Amen.                                                                                   

Heads Bowed: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.




  • Welcome
  • Introduction of Persons (Name, Parish, Few Sentences on Why Came)
  • Why we are here – 
    • Bishop & Vocations Office desires a targeted effort for vocations promotion to respond to the dire vocations crisis we are in 
    • There is an exceptional crisis in female consecrated life
    • Vocations Office asked Mary and Elizabeth to serve in promotion of female vocations (creating, administering, and serving in a strategy to counter the crisis) 
    • Mary and Elizabeth prayed and discerned how best to respond to the need and began planning
    • We were approached by Friends of the Bridegroom, a ministry out of the Diocese of Milwaukee dedicated to this same cause who asked us to come alongside them in the planning as they were working similarly 
    • Our Diocese has agreed to pilot the Mary and Elizabeth strategy to promote vocations alongside Friends of the Bridegroom and five other Dioceses in order to discern a model that can work to create positive change in awareness, encounter, and accompaniment of women discerning. 
    • It will take a team to execute the strategy and reach as many families and women as possible.
  • Cast the Vision (Video, 20 min)
  • Group Reflection on Video
  • Sharing of the Strategy for the Diocese of Memphis (Awareness, Encounter, Accompaniment)
  • Sharing of the Roles Necessary for the Strategy to be successful
  • Call to Action 

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, June 1,  Joachim Hall and zoom (two weeks from now)







– Pause for a moment of recollection before the Lord –

Leader: Let us pray. 

All: Our Father…

All: Amen.


We invite all who are passionate about this to consider joining the team and sharing their gifts in this effort. The group will gather again at the same location and time on June 1 to discern further roles and begin preparations for the first events.

We are looking for persons to consider serving in these roles:

Director: Mary and Elizabeth, Devanie

  • Works directly with Diocese and Friends of the Bridegroom
  • Forms the plan and oversees its implementation
  • Organizes leads and teams
  • Organizes and pursues funding for programs
  • Oversees and forms the CV process for presentation

Logistics: Mary and Elizabeth, Heather

  • Contacts and organizes spaces and speakers
  • Helps set up tables
  • Sets up events (general set-up and clean-up)
  • Organizes any additional prayer or sacramental needs
  • Organizes parking 


  • Prays the Friends of the Bridegroom Prayer once daily
  • Prays for events’ success
  • Prayers for women discerning
  • Prays for female consecrated vocations within the Diocese of Memphis
  • Prays for pastors to be open, understanding, and supportive of female consecrated vocations 
  • Offers sacrifice for events and women discerning 
  • Optional assistance on registration, hospitality, or logistics for day-of events


  • Greets and welcomes guests
  • Organizes tablescapes for events
  • Organizes and serves food


  • Creates flyers and advertisements
  • Communicates information to parishes
  • Communicates via social media 

Team Liaisons:

  • Works with parish vocations ministry teams to 
    • Organize a list and network with parish vocations teams so that we can reach as many parishes as possible 
    • Educate them of committee’s presence
    • Have a speaker come to promote female vocations or events
    • Place a flier in their parish
    • Set up a meeting with the pastor
    • Have an after-Mass table at their parish

Registration & Communication: 

  • Manages emails about events from potential guests
  • Manages any merchandise or promotional displays at events 
  • Manages any help desks if needed
  • Manages greeting bags/favors for events
  • Assumes responsibility for acquiring guests contact information and inputting into databases 
  • Assists Marketing and Team Liaisons with flier distribution to parishes and schools
  • Has simple technology savvy for data entry


  • Helps resolve any foreseeable tech issues at events 
  • Present for any foreseeable tech needs at events
  • Organizes and assists with video or media promotion as envisioned

Accompaniment Lead: Mary and Elizabeth

  • Trains and organizes directors in the art of accompaniment
  • Places women with directors for programming
  • Oversees and implements accompaniment programming

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