Mary and Elizabeth meets Facebook

Mary and Elizabeth is growing to Facebook!

We’re excited to announce that our apostolate has established a presence on Facebook! This is a major step for our organization, as it will allow us to increase our reach and expand our impact.

By creating a profile on Facebook, we are able to share updates and stories about our organization and its mission. This helps us build relationships with existing and potential supporters, and provides an opportunity to connect with those who may benefit from our programs and services. We can also post photos and videos, enabling us to share our work in a more engaging way.

In addition to connecting with our supporters, Facebook also allows us to easily share our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. This makes it easy for people to find out what we’re doing and how they can get involved.

We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our presence on Facebook and to connecting with more people who are passionate about our mission. We hope you’ll join us in our journey and help us spread the word about this apostolate and its work.

Follow us on Facebook today to stay up to date on all the latest news, events, and opportunities!

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