Little King Candies Opens

Little King Candies is a fundraising effort to support the programming costs of Mary and Elizabeth. The candies (truffles) were made with prayer and care, in hopes that they would be a “sweet way to share Jesus.” 

The candies are handcrafted by the Missionaries in St. Joseph’s Kitchen, which is located in a second house attached to the Mary and Elizabeth House of Prayer and Formation, where the Missionaries come together for common prayer and use the kitchen space to make these sweet treats!

Your support of the Little King Shop (its candies and merchandise) goes to support the missionaries and programming costs of the Mary and Elizabeth House of Prayer and Formation in Memphis, Tennessee.




May God reward you for supporting the mission, life, and work of the consecrated women who made these candies. Our hope is that this sweet treat encourages you to learn more about our “Little King.”

St. Teresa of Jesus, always traveled with her statue of the Infant Jesus. Her devotion to the Infant Jesus was established after a very interesting incident. One day Teresa of Avila was coming down the steps of her convent when she saw a beautiful young boy. The Child spoke to her and said: “Who are you?” Teresa answered: “I am Teresa of Jesus, who are you?” The Child answered: “I am Jesus of Teresa!”


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