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Spiritual Direction For Women

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Looking For Direction?

Are you desiring guidance in living a life of union with Christ through prayer, acesis, and the sacraments, but you experience a problem in finding a guide that is learned, experienced, and available to journey with you?

Are you frustrated and saddened by the lack of formation, resources, and opportunities as you seek to be configured to our Lord and supported in His loving call for you?

In the midst of this noisy world and without support, are you tempted to lose sight of your identity, your Lord, and your place in the mystery of salvation?

We Are Here to Help

Mary and Elizabeth offers services of individual spiritual direction, formation, vocational accompaniment, and retreats by trained missionaries and a network of trained directors with extensive experience in accompanying women.

It is our hope that every woman who has desire and intent may have the resources and opportunities to be guided, affirmed, and supported in her interior renewal and personal preparation toward configuration of her person to that of Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, the highest expression of the ‘feminine genius; and a source of constant inspiration.’

“I offer you my prayer and word of support as you venture into a new work, the Mary and Elizabeth House. This Center has the potential to serve the women of the Diocese in a new and powerful way, bringing much needed direction and care to those seeking a deeper discipleship in the Lord Jesus.”

– Very Rev. David Talley, Bishop of Memphis


We offer opportunities for those who are far advanced to ascend higher and those just beginning the journey to find the right footing.  Whether in person or virtually, it is our joy to accompany you. 

Is there a way we can serve you?



Vocational Accompaniment


Vocational Accompaniment

Have you thought about religious life? Are you intentionally discerning consecrated life in the Catholic Church? Are you already privately or publicly given to the Lord through virginity or chastity and desiring further formation and community? 

We additionally offer outreaches of accompaniment, resources, programming, and community to serve those beginning at initial inquiry through to public consecration.

Diocesan Vocational Accompaniment

Support, resources, community, and events offered for those simply inquiring or intentionally discerning female consecrated life within the Church.

Lilies Outreach to Consecrated

Formation and community offered for those consecrated in virginity or chastity privately or those publicly consecrated within the Church.

"The woman's soul is fashioned as a shelter in which other souls may unfold."

 -St. Edith Stein

Learned, Experienced, and Available Network of Spiritual Directors


Upcoming Events

This Present Paradise Women's Weekend Retreat

 Join author, Claire Dwyer, to meet one of Carmel’s most beautiful young saints — Elizabeth of the Trinity. Daily Mass, opportunities to pray the Rosary and Divine Office, and evening Benediction. This retreat will run from 6pm on Friday, October 25th through 1 pm on Sunday, October 27th, 2024. Price is all inclusive.

2025 Women's Silent Spring Retreat

Hosted by Mary and Elizabeth, this five day 2025 silent women’s retreat will be led by retreat master, Kris
McGregor of discerninghearts.com. Retreat Chaplain will be Fr. Joseph Sax, Memphis diocese. Opportunities for Daily Mass, Adoration and community recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours. 4-5 hours daily of silent prayer.
Spiritual Direction available. Private room and bath. Meals included. Travel costs extra. Car pool from Memphis
March 19th. Closest airport: Memphis International. All flights should plan to arrive by noon on March 19th.
Contact Devanie at media@stpaulmemphis.com with questions.

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